Monday, September 13, 2010

Legalize pot

I just watched a 2 hour documentary about marijuana.
And they were explaining why it should be legal. And why they made it ILLEGAL.

I totally want it legal. No deaths are from marijuana so far. They say it kills your brain cells. Thats a load of shit.
Where i live everyone smokes weed. Its the other drugs that fuck you up. It doesn't make you crazy does it? No.


  1. move to california it'll be legal in november :)

  2. Thats what I'm planning on doing. Sucks in Canada. Wierd weather changes where i live.

  3. Hehe, I hope your wishes come true!

  4. Smoker here too.. Belive it or not it does make you lazy and gives a small risk to skitsophrenia or those.

    anyway i dont know none and the plus sides are bigger lol
    way better than alcohol or anything

  5. It does kill brain cells dude. I know this because we went over this in my Psy class.

  6. why dont try Pepsi :))) whit COCA COLA:))